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A really cool implementation of Katamari for Pico-8! I did notice that as I got bigger and the screen got more cluttered it became more likely that something huge would spawn right on top of me and undo large chunks of progress. Other than that I really enjoyed it, though.


tidbits: I found it difficult to figureout the size of things i cant/should be collecting. also found it weird the little guy is the hitbox determining what goes in the ball and not the ball itself.

Thank you.

Stuff that are too big to pick have a dark shadow which goes light brown when they can be piked ;)

The hitbox is 8x8px around the base of the ball, but it’s often hard to spot the base of the ball and the little Prince really stand out with his bright outfit.

As always, brilliant work! I didn't notice the music stuttering, but you can try balancing against latency by setting the mixer audio buffer in the .html - that fixed stuttering in my project. After the "Module = {};" line do Module.arguments = ["-mix_buffer_size","4096"] or similar (the default is 1024 bytes). 


An awesome tribute, Mathieu. πŸ‘πŸ€“
Looks great and has all the key aspects.

Alas, I don't think I'll be winning any high-scores for "time" taken tho! πŸ˜…

Nice one πŸ‘